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Last modified January 24, 2004

The Resource Group for Gifted/LD was a loosely formed group started in the fall of 1994 in Charlottesville, Virginia. It consisted of parents and educators striving to raise awareness of the general population to these special individuals. We continued to find and share what knowledge we discovered and advocated for the gifted/LD in a non-adversarial manner. RGGLD ceased to exist as a group in 2004.

Gifted/LD* sounds like a contradiction, but it is possible for someone to be both gifted and learning disabled. In fact, most people who are gifted/LD are not identified. This site may help you sort your way through these confusing issues.

RGGLD's founders will continue to research to find verifiable information located on the web.

View some of our group's past bulletins.

Gifted/LD Characteristics
What to look for

Gifted/LD Strategies
How you can work with a gifted/ld person as a parent or an educator.

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Contributed Articles
A user friendly article about gifted/ld, reprinted with permission from Prufrock Press Inc.'s Gifted Child Today
Support Groups
*On our website RGGLD uses Gifted/ld when this group of people can also be referred to in the following terms: Twice Exceptional, Dual Exceptionalities, LD/gifted, Gifted and Learning Disabled, Learning Disabilities and Giftedness, Gifted Underachievers, Advocacy, or Cross Over Children.
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